Gmate SMART Glucose Monitoring System Starter Kit with strips box 50s

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Gmate SMART is a blood glucose monitoring system designed to monitor blood glucose using a mobile app. The device data sharing via E-mail and SMS, unlimites memory and no battery needed.(*mobile devices not included)

The Starter Kit consists of:

  1. Gmate SMART Device
  2. User's guide
  3. 10 complimentary Lancets
  4. 1 complimentary Lancing device
  5. 25 complimentary compatible Gmate Blood Glucose Test strips.

The Complimentary Gmate Blood Glucose Test Strips are stored in air-tight container. Upon opening of a container, please cap immediately after use. We strogly advise users to finish using all the strips within 3 months of opeing the container. Strips are compatible with glucose monitoring devices.

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