Glucose Necklace for Low sugar level Thrive Oral Glucose Gel Necklace Black Black

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This fast acting glucose gel necklace is a simple solution to an all too common problem. Remove the necklace, uncap it and squeeze the gel out; apply the fast acting glucose gel to the gums, tongue and/or swallow. Stay safe and live the active lifestyle you want

✅ Only wearable aid containing a solution to help with low blood sugars
✅ Meets the American Diabetes Association's recommended dose of 15g
✅ Same fast acting glucose gel Emergency Medical Services uses to treat low blood sugar
✅Quickly and efficiently absorbed by your body for persons with Diabetes facing low blood sugar
✅ Medical Alert Necklace containing easy to squeeze tubing with fast acting glucose gel
✅ Used by EMT’s, ACTIVE diabetics and athletes
✅ ALWAYS within reach!
✅ Perfect for people on the go, pop the top off and squeeze the gel into your mouth
✅ Ideal for anyone that might become hypoglycemic, or caregivers such as school nurses, athletic coaches, daycare providers,
etc for rapid response to hypoglycemia
✅ Gluten free
✅ Comes with both attachments - a magnetic clasp and a 3" breakaway chain

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